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- 1983-1988 was studying in Moscow Theatrical and Aesthetic School. Was educated like a dramatic actor.

- 1992 - 1996 was studying in Moscow Circus School. Was educated like a mime and juggler. Together with professor of
Moscow Circus School, famous russian pantomimist Alexandr Anutenkov created "Spinning Balls and Umbrellas" act .

- 1996 - 1999 participated in the few show program with "Spinning Balls and Umbrellas" act ( Taiwan, Arabian
Emirates, England - cruise ships, parks etc...). Created "Glass Harp" act.

- 1999 - 2007 was an artist of Old Moscow Circus. Was performing with "Spinning Balls and Umbrellas" act,
and "Glass Harp" act.

- 2000 - 2003 was performing on cruise ships with "Spinning Balls and Umbrellas" act, "Glass Harp" act and new "Funny
Kitchen" act

- 2003 like an author, director and composer was creating a one-man-show " Naugthy Duckling"
("Cook's Stories "), where was performing like a juggler, clown, mime, ventriloquist, illusionist, musical eccentric with
more than 10 musical instruments, such a guitar, flute, harmonica, concertina, glass harp, musical saw, bells, alarm
clocks, laser strings, theremin etc.

- 2004 was performing in Palazzo Colombino dinner-show (Basel, Swizerland) with "Spinning Balls and Umbrellas" act,
"Glass Harp" act and also as a character "Chef"

- 2005, 2006 - participated in "Roncalli's meets Classic" shows (Dortmund Konzerthaus, Muenchen Gasteig), where
played own compositions for Glass Harp and Symphonic Orchestra.

- 2005 - 2008 was performing in "Roncalli's Panem" dinner-show (Essen), "Roncalli's Bajazzo" dinner-show (Hamburg)
with "Spinning Balls and Umbrellas" act, "Glass Harp" act and also as a character "Chef"

- 2008 was taking a part in the famous french television show of Patrick Sebastien "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde"
(The world greatest Cabaret) with "Spinning Balls and Umbrellas" act.

- 2008 together with Chamber Orchestra "Octavio" and group of circus artists was creating a musical circus show
"Fantastic Symphony" . Was author and director of this show and played a major role in this play - comical character

- 2009 was performing on the "Souk Wagif Festival" (Doha, Quatar)

- 2010 circus tour around Chile and USA. Christmas shows in Moscow International Music House
("Fantastic Symphony" - Denis Klopov and Chamber Orchestra "Octavio")

- 2011 taking a part in the famous Chinese TV-show "Humor-TV" (Bejing).

- 2011  European tour with "Fantastic Symphony" (France, Swizerland) - about 40 bigest theater stages.

- 2012 became a finalist of "Beat the Best" TV-competition (Holland) with a "Glass Harp" act

- 2013 together with talented russian violinists and circus artists created an "Idee Fixe Theater" - "theater of musical
and circus virtuosos", where became an author and director. Performed with musical show "IF... or Maestro's Birthday"
( ex. "Fantastic Symphony")

- 2013 with "Spinning Balls and Umbrellas" act was taking a part in the famous Russian television show
"Minutes of Fame" (Russian analogue "Got Talent"). Became a finalist of this show.

- 2014 taking a part with famous juggler's production "Dazzling Juggling" (Surabaya, Indonesia)

- 2014 - January2015 performed with show "IF... or Maestro's Birthday" in Moscow International Music House and
Moscow Music-Hall.

- 2015 - MC of Moscow Music-Hall

- 2016 - "Newcomershow, Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig" - prize of "Cafe Hahn Theater" .

- 2016 - "Les feux de la Rampe Festival" France, Priz Bronze

- 2017 - "Easter Variete show" - "Cafe Hahn Theater", Koblenz, Germany, artist, co-director, co-producer.

- 2017/2018 - "Friederichsbau Variete", Shuttgart, Germany

2018 - "Idee Fixe Theater": big tour around China: most bigest and famous philarmonic stages.

December 2018 - "Coliseu Theater", Lisboa. "Spinning Balls" act

2019 - "Variete Evening Gala" - Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg

2019 - Qatar Tennis Tournament Galas

2019 Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig

2019-2020 - "Variete Teatro Fantastico", Cologne - artist , director, producer

2020 - GOP Variete, Essen.