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“CHINA MASTER from "Show-Lin" Monastery” is a captivating and enchanting pantomime, musical-eccentric, illusion and comedy show, created and performed by the highly skilled Russian artist Denis Klopov. Lasting approximately 45 minutes, the spectacularly engaging “CHINA MASTER” show can be performed in the theater or outdoors, and will be sure to impress audiences of all ages.
With its laugh-out-loud comedy, unbelievable illusion and fantastic physical theatre, “CHINA MASTER” transports the audience to a happy, joyful and magical fairy-tale, where the main character of the show, a cheerful klutz-Chinese, named Ku Li Bin, confidently rolls his cart through life to sell all sorts of rubbish. If you want to survive in this big and dangerous world, you need to be clever and cunning, and our hero makes funny adventures - he becomes a Kung Fu coach for a short time, then performs a symphony on...a simple carrot!
Using pantomime as the universal language, m-r Ku Li Bin mesmerizing skills attract attention and maintain the concentration of all, as virtually impossible things happen before the audiences eyes. “CHINA MASTER” audience is treated to unsurpassed interaction, with hilarious audience participants, always included in a very surprising and funny way.

Come, laugh and feel excited with of the unique and unforgettable "CHINA MASTER" show!

  Denis Klopov, a Russian artist with an EU passport, is a graduate of the Moscow Circus School, an artist of the Old Moscow Circus, the creator of the physical theater "Idee Fixe Company".
  He is a juggler, a clown, a musical eccentric. A guest of TV-shows such a: "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde", "Beat the Best" TV-competition, Chinese TV-show "Humor-TV", "Got Talent" and not only!..  
  He is a creator of such shows as

       "Birdcatcher...or Maestro's Birthday"

       "Funny Kitchen"                                       
                     ...and some more.
Since 2020 - the creator and performer “CHINA MASTER from "Show-Lin" Monastery”.

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